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Federal Member on Shaky Ground

The day before the National “Stop Adani” Day October 7th 2017, Gilmore MP, Ann Sudmalis chose to reaffirm her support for the Adani coal mine. “Given that 56% of respondents to the latest ReachTEL poll oppose the mine and only 26% support it, Ann Sudmalis seems committed to political oblivion,” Eurobodalla Greens Co-convenor Will Douglas commented, “especially considering she holds her seat by the narrowest margin in the state, just 2.6% according to's The Poll Bludger.

The day of action saw tens of thousands rallying across the country with 270 people including Greens Councillor Pat McGinlay at Congo Beach in the Eurobodalla, and 450 people at Gerroa Beach at the other end of electorate creating a massive formation to spell the message “Stop Adani”.

“She has misjudged the mood of the electorate on all issues regarding climate change. Even after seeing the film “Guarding the Galilee” she continues to defend the mine despite the indefensible history of corruption and environmental vandalism of the main proponent, Adani.

"I would have thought", said Douglas, "that given Ms Sudmalis' farming heritage she might choose to support the 2000-strong Farmers for Climate Action which formed in Queensland in response to the granting of free and unlimited water for the mine for 60 years. She has, however, hitched her wagon to a conservative national government which has spectacularly failed to see how much of a lightning rod the Adani mine has become on multiple fronts. Whilst her community moves steadily away from the mining and burning of coal she skates blindly on banana skins in the opposite direction. Even the coal miners of the Hunter Valley have united in opposition to the Adani mine as they stand to lose jobs in the sector in NSW.”

"The Federal government can create jobs in Central Queensland without selling out the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Artesian Basin, the global climate and the Australian taxpayer with a huge loan to a dubious multinational company.

There are viable renewable alternatives available right now, with existing, affordable technologies for energy production by First World and Developing countries. Wind, solar and other non-fossil fuel based technologies are by far the preferred direction for energy production and storage everywhere in the world."

The Greens stand for a just and compassionate transition for existing coal miners and coal-fired plant workers into other forms of employment, and the swift passage towards a jobs–rich renewable energy economy supported by battery storage and decentralised pumped hydro schemes.

Mr Douglas also questioned whether Ms Sudmalis even considers global, human-induced climate change as a threat to humanity, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence.

"Our children and grandchildren will inherit the consequences of poor decisions by Ms Sudmalis and her ilk. She does not represent the majority of her constituents in Gilmore, nor the Australian public generally, who are very committed to leaving the planet habitable for future generations. This is indeed alarming, given that Ms Sudmalis, according to her profile on the ABC election site, was reportedly once a science teacher."

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