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Pat McGinlay

Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro






Following a membership pre-selection, Patrick McGinlay will be The Greens candidate for the seat of Eden-Monaro at the next Federal election.


Pat brings very broad experience to support the Greens campaign. He has had extensive management experience in all three tiers of government; Federal, State and Local. He also has experience in the private sector, including several years in self-employment with his own consultancy business.


In terms of broader education, Pat has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Australian National University, including a major in Political Science.  He also recently gained qualifications and experience as a personal care worker in the Aged Care sector. He is currently a sitting Eurobodalla Shire Councilor with a strong reputation for really listening to and acting for his local community.


Pat will be a reasoned and credible alternative voice in the coming election for the House of Representatives; and a Green voice that will also support Mehreen Faruqui for the Senate.


The Greens aim to help create a better future for all Australians. “Economic inequality in Australia has been growing for decades. We pride ourselves on being the country of the ‘fair go’. But increasingly, our society is not as fair for some as it is for others. We must also put a greater value on our natural environment to protect the ecosystems that allow our communities to thrive in the longer term.” Pat stated.


“As the Greens are a grass roots democratic party,” Pat says, “I am keen to connect with the diverse communities within the Eden-Monaro electorate before the campaign gets underway, to gain a thorough understanding of their different local perspectives.”


The Greens recognise that it’s the younger generation’s education, jobs and health at stake if we don’t start taking a longer-term view of our society and our environment and seriously addressing climate change. “Young people are essential to our democracy, yet too often seem disillusioned by the political process. Their voices make a difference. I personally, and The Greens, strongly encourage them to register on the electoral roll and to vote for a sustainable and fairer future.” He concluded.


3 October 2018 


Pat McGinlay  4476 8635

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