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Update post-December 2021 election:

The results are in and we will continue to have a Greens presence on Eurobodalla Shire Council!!

Incoming councillor Alison Worthington says she is humbled and excited to be continuing the proud history of The Greens in this Shire, and carrying on the legacy of former Councillors Gabi Harding and Pat McGinlay.


Many thanks to everyone - our volunteers, supporters, donors and everyone that voted Green

A very big thanks to the Eurobodalla Greens members and candidates who campaigned together for a council that puts people and the planet first.

Women will lead the charge for the Eurobodalla Greens at this December’s Council elections, with four candidates pledging a commitment to Council transparency and the ambitious decision-making needed to future-proof the Shire...

This team of candidates brings the talent and capability to build on the excellent work of Councillor Pat McGinlay over the past five years. Find out more about our 2021 campaign here.

Read more about each candidate below:

Alison Worthington


I’m running for Council because I want to work with other Councillors to restore transparency to, and rebuild trust in Council processes. The current Council has been found wanting when it comes to meaningful consultation with the community, transparency in process and accountability. I'm committed to increasing community participation in council decision making. 

I care deeply about grassroots democracy, social justice and meaningful action on climate.

I want to know what you expect from Council. As a Councillor, I will be accessible, active and accountable to you.

Kylie Ryder


Kylie moved to the Eurobodalla 3 years ago to be in the midst of this beautiful coastline. With a background in economics and accounting, Kylie also volunteers as a lifesaver and is an on-call firefighter with NSW Fire & Rescue. As Kylie says, "I am passionate about removing social inequalities and pushing for real change around environment and sustainability."

Nadine Hills

Tedder_NH greenblue_7193.jpeg

Nadine lives in the most southern part of the Eurobodalla Shire, at Wallaga Lake.

Working as a Psychologist Nadine is committed to supporting the general and mental health of the community. Through her work in the Department of Human Services and in private practice, as well as her involvement in local school P&C's, in AFL and Surf Clubs, Nadine has had the opportunity to gain insight into the needs of the community.

Nadine is passionate about ensuring that the Council finds proactive and sustainable ways to manage the changing climate, ensuring that policies are conducive to the health and wellbeing of all people in the Eurobodalla Shire and its environment.

Charlie Bell


This is not Charlie's first rodeo! He was actively involved in the Australian Democrats in Canberra from 1989 and twice stood as a candidate in ACT Territory elections. Charlie's activism has included political protest events against the Vietnam War, against the French Pacific nuclear testing, and more recently against refugee detention, for action on climate change and as an ally in the Women's March4Justice.

What we stand for:

As Greens councillors, we will always act within the framework of the Greens 4 Pillars:

  • Ecological sustainability,

  • Social and economic justice,

  • Peace, non-violence, disarmament and

  • Grassroots democracy

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