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The NSW Greens is pleased to announce its candidate for the electorate of Bega in the 2019 NSW State election. Will Douglas of Moruya has had long experience in the Greens, having stood in Federal (Cunningham) and State (Wollongong) elections previously, as well as supporting lead candidates in Local Government elections (Eurobodalla Shire).

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Will has had an eclectic professional life. Graduating from the University of Sydney with a Masters Degree in Science, he also worked there in the research field of coral reef fish ecology. He left research to become a secondary science teacher. A 6 month trip spent driving around Australia with a mate led to a bad attack of the travel bug and led to him working as a Long Haul Flight Attendant with QANTAS Airways.

“It was overseas, and especially in third world and developing countries such as Nepal and Zimbabwe, that I gained a perspective on how fortunate we are in Australia. Yet the disadvantage in many communities here, particularly for indigenous people, stands in stark contrast to the wealth and comfort enjoyed by most Australians. That this can exist after decades of economic prosperity points directly to a deficiency in government at all levels”.

During this time Will also studied Health Education so as to further inform his continuing teaching practice. Will currently works as a contract-based relief teacher in the public high school system across a variety of faculties and has extensive experience working with indigenous students, students with learning difficulties and others suffering disadvantage generally.

The move to Moruya resulted from a tree change out of the city and into the beautiful and inspiring country that is the Far South coast of NSW. He is married, with four children  all studying at the University of Sydney in Veterinary Medicine, Marine Ecology, Law, International Studies and Anthropology. “The children were raised on a small cattle property surrounded by Deua National Park and schooled locally at Moruya High, experiences informing their  fields of study”, he said.

Will brings a wealth of experience to the candidacy. “Parenting and teaching have shaped my life and informed my politics. Environmental conservation and social justice underpin everything I do!” Will is a regular volunteer with NPWS, founded and coordinates Burra Creek Landcare and frequently assists with weed and feral animal control on Australian Bush Heritage properties. For over a decade he coached and managed junior basketball and soccer teams in Moruya.

“Having been part of the local community for nigh on twenty years, I am conscious of the lack of public transport on the South Coast, the disadvantage in many of our villages and towns, the lack of opportunity for youth and the desperate need for adolescent mental health support facilities”, he said when asked about his reasons for standing for State government. “There is continuing assault on the local landscapes up and down the coast by developer dominated mentalities in local government. The slippery slope to a US style gun culture underpinned by Huntfest in Narooma must be resisted- this is not what most locals want for the South Coast.  The threats posed to marine parks and local recreational and commercial fisheries by an “access at any cost” dogma in defiance of the science are manifest and serious.  The impact of climate change on future quality of life will dwarf all other issues, however,  and will  need serious and urgent attention by qualified and informed government”, he said, “ and this is clearly absent at present.”

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