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The following list highlights the work of Eurobodalla Greens Councillor Pat McGinlay on Council in his 2016-2021 term. Some wins and some losses, but always in the public interest.

Pat has been widely recognised across the political spectrum as someone of great integrity and forbearance in the face of intransigence and obstruction in the Council chamber. His constant attempts to uphold democratic principles in Council have won him many friends in the community.

  • Moved a motion to divest Council investment away from the fossil fuel industry. Narooma News, 22 February 2017
    Seeing that local government can play a role in reducing global carbon emissions, Clr McGinlay raised the successful motion (5:4) with support from other NSW Greens councillors who had introduced similar divestment strategies in their local government areas.

  • With Councillor Mayne, received a petition from Tuross Heads residents to protect Heritage Grazing Lands. The Beagle, 13 August 2018


  • Voted against the removal of live-streaming of Public Forum prior to Council meetings. About Regional, 12 June 2019
    ESC had been ahead of the pack when they adopted live-streaming of Public Forum in-person submissions to council. Clr McGinlay fought against the change to the Code of Meeting Practice which stopped this service, saying that: 
    “The move to end live streaming is very disappointing and very dispiriting.” 
    “It’s pathetic; point seven of our Community Strategic Plan talks about being an engaged and connected community who works together to achieve goals and what we are doing is making it more difficult for the community to engage and feel connected to Council.”

  • Moved a motion to acknowledge our Climate Emergency. Bay Post, 12 August 2019
    99 (and counting) councils and territories across Australia have now stepped up and declared a climate emergency to ensure they act now on climate. Sadly this 3 part motion of Clr McGinlay's was voted down, and the language watered down. A day that will be remembered as the day the council failed to agree to accept the science and take action on climate.

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