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Our Team for 2016 Local Government Elections

Eurobodalla Greens are standing four candidates for the positions of Councillors for the Local Government election on the 10th of September 2016. 

(Group L) - Pat McGinlay, Margaret Perger, Will Douglas and Laura Hawkins.

Eurobodalla Greens 2016 Councillor Candidates

Our lead Candidate Patrick McGinlay will also be running for Mayor, you can learn more about Pat here.

If you would like to learn more about our other Candidates please click here.

From L to R: Margaret Perger, Patrick McGinlay, Laura Hawkins and Will Douglas.

You can trust the Greens to always...

 - Protect our water, our air, our forests, our coast

 - Stand up against Arms Fairs in Eurobodalla

 - Support initiatives to address domestic violence, homelessness and other social justice issues

 - Restore transparency to, and build trust in Council processes

Our Councillors Will...

Insist on clear and open decision making

Greens will promote transparency and accountability in all local government decision-making.

Keep public property for the community

Greens aim to keep public assets in public hands unless it can be clearly demonstrated that there would be a significant benefit to the community in doing anything else.

Help ALL kids complete school

We will seek to establish and support homework assistance and study centres to ensure all kids have a chance to successfully complete their secondary school education.

Protect our precious water

We will protect Eurobodalla water supplies from any threats of contamination. We will closely monitor compliance by Dargues Reef mine operators, logging in catchment areas and any other future developments.


Ban the Supertrawler

We will support the maintenance of our local fishing stocks, for local and recreational fishers. This existing Greens initiative banned the Supertrawler from all far South Coast fishing grounds.

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