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Greens candidates for 2022 Federal election

Our Senate Candidate David Shoebridge MLC

Greens NSW Senate Candidate David Shoebridge has been recognised as a voice for social justice and public accountability over more than a decade serving as a Greens MP in the NSW State Parliament. 

“It is an extraordinary privilege to represent The Greens in Parliament and to have the capacity to focus on the common good rather than corporate interests. In all of my work for you as a Greens MP I am committed to living up to this opportunity by putting people and the planet right at the centre of my politics. 

I know it’s the same system that is busily stripmining the environment and fueling runaway climate change that also creates a handful of billionaires and millions who are struggling to get by. I know as well, that if we build a movement across New South Wales and Australia, inside and outside of Parliament, we can change that system to protect the climate, restore the environment and deliver a fair share to everyone. That’s why I’m in politics.

To make these changes we need to have the courage and passion to hold power to account. This is a job I relish whether it is taking on a Premier, a Prime Minister or any one of their corporate backers. But it’s only with your help that I can do this job for you in the Federal Senate.  Change is within reach and if we join together we can achieve it. 

I’m proud to be part of a party that rejects corporate donations and instead relies on the collective work of tens of thousands of Greens members and supporters to send Greens MPs to Parliament. In return, I commit to working with you and using the position you give me, to rewrite the rules so that we start putting people and the planet before profit and self-interest.”

David Shoebridge,
Candidate for the NSW Senate



Our Candidate in Gilmore: Carmel McCallum

Hello, I’m Carmel McCallum.

I want to represent the people of Gilmore in the Australian parliament. I first moved to this electorate in 1979, and have loved its beauty and bounty ever since. 


I’m a qualified pharmacist and have had a wide range of business and social experience. I was the owner of West-End Pharmacy in Berry Street, Nowra and have worked in over 50 pharmacies in NSW. My profession taught me the value of investing in affordable medicine and prevention, keeping the nation healthy.

From the beautiful beaches to the magnificent mountains, we all love our natural landscapes. And yet our environment is fragile. I want to ensure it’s protected. The Black Summer Fires, COVID-19 pandemic and severe flooding have had a devastating impact on Gilmore. Local businesses, tourism, and the people of Gilmore, need support and opportunities to recover and rebuild. Fires, floods and water are big challenges and without addressing climate change, full-on and fast, recent extreme events will only be amplified.

I am passionate about social justice. I want every member of our community to have the vital services, affordable housing and employment opportunities that build a thriving community. l will fight to remove the poverty and inequality that have increased in the last decade under the Liberal Government. 

Our community needs to rebuild and we need local workers to do it, but there is a skills blackhole. Our TAFE system has been eroded and unemployment in the region is amongst the highest in the nation. These inequities must be addressed. 

We must als

o protect and fund the ABC, which provides critical emergency broadcasting and also keeps our democracy transparent. I want government accountability and a Federal ICAC.

The Gilmore Greens and I have a vision for all of us and our beautiful country. I want to see it protected and nurtured. A future for all of us. 

– Carmel

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