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Eurobodalla Greens excited by launch of ZeroSE

Eurobodalla Greens 2021 council election candidates joined a crowd (on Zoom) of over 100 this week for the ZeroSE ‘Just the Facts’ website launch. It was exciting to hear from this new Citizen’s Alliance, dedicated to reducing carbon emissions to zero in south east NSW.

ZeroSE’s work is of particular interest to residents of the Eurobodalla because it targets our south east region and provides evidence-based solutions for the transition our regional economy must undergo to end the use of fossil fuels and achieve net zero emissions. The need for the transition out of fossil fuels and tackling climate change was brought home to all of us when the 2019-20 bushfires came to our Shire.

ZeroSE was officially launched by eminent economist and past Secretary of the Department of the Treasury Ken Henry. The launch was also supported by ex-leader of the Liberal party, John Hewson, and attended by NSW Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Jihad Dib, Federal member for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips, and Greens councillors Cathy Griff, Patrick McGinlay and Amanda Findley from Bega Valley, Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven councils.

With our federal government mired in deadlock and denial around the need for climate action and unable to plan for emissions reductions targets, it’s more important than ever to take action locally.

Eurobodalla Greens were pleased to find so much overlap between the proposals of ZeroSE and Greens policies on environment, climate action and the opportunities we can embrace in the transition to a low carbon economy. ZeroSE Fact Sheets include proposals for:

  • local electricity generation, including community energy generation from solar,

  • electric vehicles and a comprehensive charger network,

  • carbon drawdown in state forests by ending native forest logging,

  • on-farm carbon drawdown through tree-planting and retaining soil carbon, and

  • reducing methane emissions from livestock with seaweed feed supplements.

We applaud the ZeroSE team for sharing their research on ways forward, which include local employment opportunities, for all of our community to be a part of.

Seaweed for livestock is just one example of the opportunities in new industries our shire is well positioned to take advantage of:

“Asparagopsis can be grown commercially and locally along the south east NSW coast, offering economic and environmental benefits from the development of a new industry. The use of seaweed Asparagopsis could easily be the start of a new local job-creating industry.”

Our Greens candidates for council look forward to working with ZeroSE and the groups that make up this alliance - 350Eurobodalla, Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action, Climate Action Monaro, Coastwatchers Repower Shoalhaven and SHASA. We congratulate ZeroSE and thank them for sharing their expertise to develop environmental and economic benefits for the Eurobodalla.

When it comes to meaningful action on climate, this will be an essential partnership for Eurobodalla Shire Council to support.


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