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Greens on Eurobodalla Shire Council 2022

The results are in and we will continue to have a Greens presence on Eurobodalla Shire Council!!

Incoming councillor Alison Worthington says she is humbled and excited to be continuing the proud history of The Greens in this Shire, and carrying on the legacy of former Councillors Gabi Harding and Pat McGinlay.


Many thanks to everyone - our volunteers, supporters, donors and everyone that voted Green

A very big thanks to the Eurobodalla Greens members and candidates who campaigned together for a council that puts people and the planet first.


Your vote for our Greens on council is a vote for:

• Accountability from Council

• Liveable, vibrant and resilient communities and

• Environmental Responsibility

Learn more about our local government priorities here

Find out more in our FAQ section

Our priorities...

Read below our plans and priorities for a council that delivers for our shire on the following issues:

Our priorities
Better pathways for connected communities

The Greens support allocating more funds to a network of well designed pathways for connected communities.

Design that is good for walkers and cyclists also tends to be good for older and younger people. 

We need to remove the barriers to people being able to move around our towns and villages safely whether walking, pushing a pram, cycling or using a mobility scooter or wheelchair. 

This will encourage greater uptake of active transport, reduce our reliance on cars and help build a healthier, safer and more sustainable Eurobodalla.

Bike Path
Reinstate water tank install rebates for retro-fits

Installing a water tank is such a good drought-proofing idea that council regulates that all new homes must have one. 

Unfortunately council no longer supports water tank retro-fit on existing homes, as our shire once did with a rebate.

Greens on council will call for the reinstatement of this rebate to help reduce water demand and reduce the impact of urban stormwater.

Rain on Roof
Declare a climate emergency

With your support, Greens on Council will repeat Greens Councillor Pat McGinlay’s 2019 call for Eurobodalla Shire to join 99 (and counting) local governments in Australia, and thousands world-wide, to declare a Climate Emergency.
We will work with Council staff to enact robust climate mitigation and adaptation plans so that our communities are safe and are resilient to the challenges of the changing climate.

no planet b.png
Protect & expand our urban tree canopy

Our tree-lined roads and lanes, boasting iconic established native trees, are integral to the character of our communities, yet residents are constantly rallying to defend these trees from overzealous roadside clearing plans and development for housing.

Greens on council will implement an Urban and Shire-wide Tree Strategy to protect and expand existing tree canopy and green cover.

We will also begin engagement with the community around roadside trees vs. speed and safety considerations.

We will listen.

Roadside trees tile.png
Planning for people,
not profits

The Greens on council will make full use of existing planning rules to get proper benefits for the community from new development.
We are calling on council to conduct an urgent audit of all council land suitable for affordable housing development.

We will prioritise developing a Homelessness and Affordable Housing Strategy, which currently sits in the ESC Local Strategic Planning Strategy 2020-2040 as only a medium-term priority.

EG-blogPlanning Powers Square_edited.jpg
Open and ethical local government

On the new Eurobodalla Shire Council of 2022 we will introduce measures to increase, rather than erode, residents and ratepayers access to participation in council proceedings.

We will support re-instatement of live streaming and recording of the Public Forum.
The technology is in place to live stream, record and archive Public Access sessions and other council meetings and briefings too. Other councils do it – so can we.

Eurobodalla residents expect, and Greens on council will deliver, greater openness and transparency in council decision-making processes.

July 21 mic EG FB.png
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